Hey i'm Nicole. I love Nathan Fillion and Castle therefore everything I post has to do with the two! :)

I can’t wait for all the deleted scenes, and bloopers.   

Reblog if you think Nathan should be able to keep the scruff in season 7. 

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Anonymous said:  have you ever watched nathan fillion's other work?

I have.  I was actually a fan of his before castle.  I have seen most of his work <3 

Probably not meant to be a Castle reference, but this is proof that Castle is EVERYWHERE to us castle fans haha.

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OMG the curtain fell on Nathan.

Anyone else feel like thats kind of payback for lying to us about the ‘HAPPY ENDING.”  

I am glad he didnt get hurt.

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1x07 / 4x07 / 5x19 / 6x10/ 6x23

Kate x Martha

raise your hand if you think 3XK is behind the destruction of the caskett wedding… 


*violently raises both hands*

"You’re invited to a wedding." 



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themoonisshining said: As soon as I saw that black car I thought 3XK. WHY WON’T HE JUST DIE.

My mom said the other day, what happened to 3xk, and then this happened.  I really think its him.  He needs to die.  I was so hoping for a happy ending 

My mum said to me that something needs to happen to Castle, because it’s always Beckett getting into trouble and he is always left all unstable….. I BLAME HER.

I know when I saw him in the car at the end i knew somthing was going to happen.  Something ALWAYS happens to the person in the car at the end of an episode.

@my-patronus-is-a-winchester said : I thought of 3XK!

 I am glad I am not the only one >